Боялся заблужусь лесу

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He said he could not understand the rule. Методические указания предназначены для студентов и слушателей заочного обучения Казанском юридическом институте мвд россии по специальности 030900. Do they know anything about it?

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Ann said to us: "They haven't yet come. My aunt wrote in herletter 11. She made no mistakes in her dicta tion. Even, if it were possible, it is easily detectable with the use of a good hand-lens.

Did she go shopping yesterday I wanted to know... I asked my neighbour if he ever to travel by air before.

Petersburg and supposed that you would visit me.

Боялся заблужусь лесу


Change the sentences using Passive Voice.

He said he to leave tomorrow morning.

Tom said, I have already had breakfast, so I am not hungry.

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Прогулка в летнем лесу

Боялся заблужусь лесу

Прогулка в осенний лес

He said to me: They are staying at the 'Europe' hotel.

Для слушателей Центра довузовской подготовки,

Упр. 287. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в требующемся времени

Он сказал, что не знает, когда начнется конференция.

Н. А. Голицынская (исправления и дополнения) Голицынский Ю. Б


My sister said, "I shall be neither hungry nor thirsty if I have a cup of tea with a sandwich. They say they will write me a letter when they return home.

Peter said to me, "I'll be waiting for you at the station. Tom said, "Ann, where are your friends? He told me he had fallen ill.

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My girlfriend said to me, "I shall not be able to go for a walk with you today, because I am very busy. My brother said to me, "I am going to become a doctor.

Мне доверили, что ты мне звонил. I said to Mike: "Send me a telegram as soon as you arrive.